PRODUCER // Iliana Sosa + Carlos Corral 

WRITER + DIRECTOR // Iliana Sosa


Child of the Desert is a contemporary short film that follows ELIA, a working class mother, and her journey across the Southwest to see the final resting site of her military son. Fearless and free spirited, Elia meets JORGE, an undocumented immigrant, at a gas station and befriends him despite the fact that she doesn’t speak Spanish. Set against the backdrop of the Texas desert, Elia believes that her son has returned in the form of Jorge’s presence in order to assuage her pain and allow her to forgive herself for not being able to “save” him.

Official Selection

Oscar qualifying USA Film Festival (Best Short Film Winner and Texas Award)

White Sands International Film Festival

CineFestival Film Festival in San Antonio, Texas

San Diego Latino Film Festival

Boyle Heights Latina Independent

Film Extravaganza: Iliana wins “Best Director” at the festival

Accolade Competition  “Award of Merit” in the Latino category

AMC Kansas City Film Festival

Ivy Film Festival

15th Annual Cine Las Americas International Film Festival in Austin, Texas

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