a cinematographer.

Her family's journeys as Vietnamese war survivors sparks her curiosity and imagination.

Her heart is set on nuanced, bold ideas and their creators.

The projects she has photographed have won awards including a 2018 Emmy Nomination + screened at Sundance, Tribeca, Toronto, Cannes + on HBO, IFC, PBS and more. Judy is a member of the ICG 600 as a DP.

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BA Rhetoric Studies, University of California, Berkeley

BA Studio Art, University of California, Berkeley

MFA Film Directing at UCLA, TFT

MFA Cinematography at UCLA, TFT


Best Cinematography Award, for MY FLORIDA HOME at the Sunscreen Film Festival WEST

QWFF Best Cinematography Award, for film LILY IN THE GRINDER

Edie and Lew Wasserman Fellowship

CINE Golden Eagle Award for film, A DAY AS HOLLY's KIDS

Motion Picture Association of America Award

Graduate Opportunity Fellow, UCLA

Jack Nicholson Distinguished Director Award

Edna and Yu Shan Han Endowed Fellowship

Homer Award
Sacramento Bee Journalism Grant​

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